GEMM Ambassadors

Zon Shih

Zon Shih is CEO of Australia China Film Group Pty Ltd in Australia. She was born in Taipei, Taiwan, and grew up in New Zealand and Australia, began working on a film crew from the age of 14. She has a bilingual english and mandarin multicultural background and a diverse educational background by the age of 24 with a Masters of Business Administration (from University of Queensland, Australia), Masters of Engineering (Majoring in Electrical from University of Queensland, Australia), Bachelor of Arts (Majoring in Japanese and Asian Studies), and a Diploma of Music (Pianoforte), and was experienced in working for companies such as Intel, ASUSTeK, HiTV Communications, in industries of sales, marketing, technology, retail, events management, and multimedia services until she started her first business in events planning and video, photography services and productions in 2007.


She began her career in TV and Film from production management, film festival organising to directing and producing. In 2014 she curated the first Macau International Short Film Festival funded by Macau Trust. Her short film achievements include ‘Penumbra’ that won best short film of London International Motion Picture Award in 2019 and in 2014 ‘Love through time’ was awarded one of the top ten best city short film of China.


‘Escape and Evasion’ is an Australian feature film which she is an executive producer of and she is currently working on producing independent features in collaboration with Europe, China and Hollywood. Her passion and expertise in the film industry has been embraced by the Chinese Film Industry and she has been selected as a jury member for China’s International Short Film festival since 2018 and programs the international selection of China’s CCTV Channel 7 Beautiful Country International Short Film and Arts Festival.


She is also the 2016 organiser for the China Australia International Film Festival Opening in Sydney, Australia and was part of making the Jackie Chan starred film ‘Bleeding Steel’ production in Sydney a success.