Press Release

2019-05-11 / Paris, France




Ysé Brisson, founder of the Festival Droits des Femmes & Cinéma in Paris, promoting gender equality and the empowerment of women through Film, and media financier Josef Brandmaier, will be in Cannes to announce the creation of the GENDER EQUALITY AND DIVERSITY MEDIA FUND, that will be run by GEMM (Gender Equality Media Management).


The Gender Equality and Diversity Media Fund is being created to provide productions funds, and to ensure that both women and diversity will be afforded greater support and protection in the film industry. To this end, GEMM is currently working on a chart that will have to be respected and ratified by those who collaborate with the fund. GEMM will also source, qualify, invest and maximize the return on capital of the movies they become involved in.


During the presentation, programmed for the evening of the 19th May, Brisson and Brandmaier will elaborate on the ethical requirements of the funds.


The evening will also present GEMM’s partners, including Brandmaier’s German production company, Penned Pictures, and the Swiss distribution company, Jeridoo Universe.


For more information, contact:

Ysé Brisson: Yse@Gemm.Global