Press Release

2019-06-27 / Munich, Germany

GEMM - Germany premiere at the Munich Film Festival


The world's first Gender Equality & Diversity Film Fund: now also in Germany!


The MUNICH FILM FESTIVAL stands for cosmopolitanism and diversity. Equality and equal opportunities. That is also what GEMM (Gender Equality Media Management) stands for.


"We want to protect minorities and give them equal opportunities. The Fund and its underlying principles are destined to support those who wish to realize their dream within the film industry, regardless of their sex, religion, race or sexual orientation, in a protected environment. In order to achieve this, we will ask the producers and decision-makers who influence the filming process to endorse the responsibility of following our guidelines. Only by accepting and implementing our chart of conduct, can productions benefit from the participation of the fund. The standards of GEMM will be included in all production contracts, so that all those who are employed by the production will know that the producers are committed to a fair production that respects both gender equality and diversity. The involvement of GEMM, as an independent body, should make it harder for producers, directors or any other people involved in the filming process to abuse their power." (Quote: Ysé Brisson, President GEMM)


Just in time for the Munich Film Festival, the newly founded Unifinance Media Capital (represented by media financier Josef Brandmaier) can announce that it is the official representative of GEMM for Germany.


In the spotlight of the roadshow is the presentation of the new Film Fund, which will only provide funding to productions that commit themselves to the required standards of fair production ( The focus is on gender equality and diversity throughout the production process, across genres and across independent and mainstream films, with a positive impact on the processes behind the camera to protect the rights of those involved, supported by a certification process.


With a planned ceiling of 100 million euro, the Fund will have an operational term of 10 years. As a structuring company and initiator, the Bavarian Unifinance Media Capital of film financier Josef Brandmaier will also be the German representative with immediate effect. An international fund for international productions, based in Luxembourg and with management in Paris and Munich, it is destined to support the European production industry, while promoting global standards in the area of equal treatment for all members of the production process as well as the integration of minorities.


"The idea of an economically sound investment while simultaneously improving the quality of work for all of the people working on a film is a long overdue measure. Interestingly, this initiative has been supported by investors who have so far avoided film as an investment opportunity. Negative reports about financial loses through media funds or unprofitable individual investments, combined with the scandals linked to the behaviour of famous actors, directors and producers have combined to show the media industry in a bad light. With the GEMM fund, we want to support profitable projects for our investors while also imposing a fair production process for all involved. As with other asset fields where value is now attached to the notion of sustainability, environmental compatibility and the conservation of our resources, we want to add value through the support and protection of minorities and those who find themselves in positions of inferiority." (Quotation: Josef Brandmaier: Managing Director Unifinance Media Capital GmbH and CEO GEMM International)


Following a successful launch of the GEMM film fund ( during the Cannes film festival, the new fund was also officially unveiled at the Cabourg Film Festival, France (13.06.19), to an exclusive circle of leading Digital Platforms during a symposium in Los Angeles, USA (14.6.19), and last week at the Shanghai International Film Festival, China (18.06).


Although the fund will not be available to the wider industry before the beginning of 2020, at which time applications for film funding will first be possible, the first four projects have already been selected and secured through private placements. Together with the German production company Penned Pictures, and the film financing company Unifinance Media Capital, GEMM presented the four international co-productions during the Cannes Film Festival; all of which will be German co-productions, through Penned Pictures, and will be produced in 2020.


Among the four projects is the French-Italian-German feature "Everything can happen", that was presented at Cannes in the presence of leading European actresses Michèle Laroque, and Caterina Murino (Casino Royal). Also present were Italian co-producers Maurizio Coppolecchia and Stefano Bonfanti, producers of Paolo Sorrentino’s Il Divo, and Josef Brandmaier and John Hörnschemeyer of Penned Pictures, whose current projects include the documentary “There’s a hole in my Bucket”, narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch, and the Chris Norman / Smokie Biopic, “In a heartbeat”.