GEMM Standards

In order to work with GEMM and to benefit from the advantages of the fund, the producers, the directors and the distributors should be aware that our requirements are based on the protection of all the minorities in the media industry during the different phases of the production of a film.


The standards that they will be required to respect are aimed at promoting and sustaining equitable productions.


Our goal is to support minorities and to support inclusion. Our focus is on ethical behaviour throughout the production process, rather than than the notion of quotas or the subjects of the stories. At the end of the day, we want to achieve equal treatment for all human beings; of all those who are involved in the production of a movie.


Of course we like good stories that have a positive and valuable message to tell, but the principles must also be applied to mainstream productions that are focused on pure entertainment, even when they do not vehicle a moral cause or message.


We will not limit ourselves to Arthouse or Independent movies, as we feel that the message will only truly be received and sustained when it begins to be applied on a regular and permanent basis to the bigger productions that have tended to overlook the abuse and discrimination that results from the misuse of power.


In order to work with GEMM, those who drive the productions must agree to respect and implement a series of ethical requirements that will ensure that everybody involved in the production is concerned by the question of Gender Equality and Diversity.


In order to develop and perpetuate the activities of the fund, we will only become involved in a project when it has become financially viable and all of the major production partners (studios, producers, financiers and funds) have been confirmed, at which point we will be able to engage the decision makers in implementing GEMM's philosophy.

GEMM Standards

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